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Everything is an illusion



uou girl, these results are super high. could it be u took the test wrong? well, I’m gonna try from the results here. Ur over act Crown indicates your connection to a higher vibrational frequency is so big, that you might be working with channeling (why don’t u do a reading on me??? =D). also because of ur over act Third Eye I can tell u r fond of hallucinogens and drugs that can reconnect your conscience with the Goddess. what u r doing with the different tools is just to reajust your body to reach a more intune connection with others. you are prob telepathic as well. you are an artist who sings in order to generate healing, and you probably work also as a therapist when it comes to dealing with large groups of people (teacher/councelor/workshops). be careful just not to be too domineering when it comes to expressing ur position. and relax a bit more when it comes to listening to others (your bullshit tolerance is below zero, and its normal that u see beyond people’s own excuses. u are open sexualy and can easily express a more seductive side of you (which sometimes you use to get ahead of people/jobs). your meditation practices are awesome and I’m guessing u might even be working in a place where they coordinate community/spiritually driven activities.

of course that if you took the test wrong, I’m describing a whole different person.eheheheh

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Nope didn’t take it wrong! :) I haven’t read much up on channeling but am super interested in any direction you can send me! And yes I have definitely dabbled with psychedelics :) I found that there is so much more to life. I’m entirely in tune and accepting of myself after a long struggle with depression. I’m also great with listening and helping others! My friends come to me whenever they need any help or guidance in life. I’m actually going to school for Psychology and was going to be a counselor until I decided recently to tack on Political Science. The domineering thing is so true that I actually had this same thought to myself yesterday :/ since I’m susceptible to other’s emotions around me, I think I am getting caught up in it? The zero tolerance for bullshit thing is so on point I actually laughed out loud. I’m good at reading people’s facial expressions and body movements to tell whether they are in fact “bull shitting” lol. I am extremely open sexually! I may talk about it too much and make sexual innuendos allll day long :) I don’t use it to further in the workplace though. Unfortunately I do not work or am even near a location like that. I live in a backwards, close minded city and state. I’m not sure where to start to even find places like this. Thank you so much for the reading! I really loved it